Tips: Looking for Employment in Australia

This guest blog is written by Tricia Anne Inventor from Asia Pacific Group. Tricia has some fantastic tips for students who are looking for employment in Australia. Enjoy!

Hello everyone!

This is for everyone who is struggling to look for a job in Australia. Here are some tips I can share based on my experience as someone who came here without friends, relatives or connections.

1. Join Facebook groups, especially hospitality groups. You can get a job as a server, cleaner, kitchen hand, front-of-house etc. I found this way more effective than using Seek, Indeed or Jora since businesses could take 1-4 weeks to reply if you’re accepted. Instead of submitting resumes through job boards and waiting weeks for a response, you can often apply directly through the group or via a private message. This can speed up the hiring process and increase your chances of getting hired.

2. Tailor fit your resume to the job you’re applying to. I know it may be a lot of work but you’re going to get higher chances of getting a job if you fit the criteria.  Why is this important? When an employer is reviewing resumes, they are typically looking for candidates who have the skills and experience that are most relevant to the job they’re hiring for. By tailoring your resume to the job, you’re making it easier for the employer to see that you’re a good fit.

3. Get the right certificates. If you’re planning to work in a restaurant or pub serving alcohol, you will need an RSA. You can enrol in a college or can do it online (around $20). If you’re planning to get a job that involves the elderly, children and individuals with disabilities, employers will need a lot of certificates like first aid, working with children check, police check etc and a car. Tip: Students in the Northern Territory can take the RSA for free!

4. Reach out to your local Filipino (or your own nationality) groups since there is a possibility that they can refer to you their employer or other local Filipino business owners. When reaching out to Filipino groups, be sure to introduce yourself and explain what kind of work you’re interested in. You can attend events, join online groups, or connect with individuals through social media. Networking is all about building relationships, so be sure to approach it with a genuine interest in getting to know others and their experiences.

5. Go to the Central Business District (CBD), stroll around and leave your resume to establishments that are hiring. You can also ask for their contact number to follow up on your application. The CBD is often the hub of business activity in a city or town, and there are typically numerous establishments in the area that are hiring. By strolling around and leaving your resume with these businesses, you’re increasing your chances of getting noticed by potential employers.

When leaving your resume, it’s important to be professional and courteous. Dress appropriately, and be prepared to introduce yourself and explain why you’re interested in the job. Make sure your resume is up-to-date and tailored to the specific job you’re applying for. If the business doesn’t have any current job openings, ask if you can leave your resume on file for future reference.

P.S. Keep on going and avoid comparing yourself to people who got jobs as soon as they got here. Remember, we all have different timelines and your timeline is way different from others. Focus on the goal on getting a job and focus on how to effectively market yourself as a good applicant to the employers. Trust the process and good luck!✨

Author: Tricia Anne Inventor
Contact Number: +61433415296