Local News: Digital IDs set to become available for Territorians

The Northern Territory Government is making it more convenient for Territorians to show their ID by establishing digital identification cards that can be stored on a smartphone.

Budget 2024 invests $20.66 million to bring digital driver’s licences to Territorians, with a digital driver’s licence to be a nationally recognised, trusted option for Territorians looking to put the wallet away.

The technology being used for the digital driver’s licence is built to integrate with other NT Government systems, such as the Banned Drinker Register, NT Police portable devices and more.

Based on robust security standards, the Territory Government’s digital driver’s licence will help protect people’s important identity information and give Territorian’s control over what information is shared with commercial identity verifiers.

Evidence of Age cards will also become available digitally enabling Territorians to store these in their smart device.

Work on the new digital driver’s licence has already begun with a pilot set to commence in 2025.

Territorians will still receive and be able to use traditional hardcopy driver’s licences, the digital driver’s licence is simply another secure and convenient option.

Quotes attributed to Chief Minister, Eva Lawler:

“We’re making it quicker and easier for Territorians to produce ID – whether that’s at their local bottleshop or anywhere else ID is needed.

“We want Territorians to have access the best technology this is why we are investing $20.66 million into this digital licence development.”

Quotes attributed to the Minister for Corporate and Digital Development Selena Uibo:

“Aligned to the NT Government Digital Transformation Plan, the NT digital driver’s licence will be easy-to-use, robust, trusted and secure.

“The digital driver’s licence will follow the design and launch of ‘Territory Services’, a central digital platform created for all NT Government Services.”

Quotes attributed to Hospitality NT Chief Executive Officer, Alex Bruce:

“Already tourists come to the NT with digital IDs and we know from States that have rolled them out that a lot of people choose to leave their purses and wallets at home when heading out for the night.

“With an average 450,000 BDR scans a month we look forward to our customers also being able to head to their local bottle shop just with their smart phone should they choose to.”