Kickstart Your Driver Licence Journey

Latitude College is pleased to announce a partnership with Rotaract NT, and its educational initiative aimed at supporting young people in their journey towards obtaining their learner’s licence.

Consisting of three weekends, each featuring a distinct workshop at different locations, the first phase of this program is designed to provide interactive and engaging learning experiences for participants aged 16 to 25. With a maximum of 20 participants per workshop, attendees can expect a blend of presentations, group brainstorming sessions, Kahoot quizzes, and role-playing activities. Participants will receive valuable resources such as the Road User’s Handbook and access to online practice questions. Behind the scenes, the initiative involves collaboration with various youth-focused organisations to promote and facilitate the workshops, ensuring widespread participation and impact within the community.

Project JumpStart 2024 is funded by NT Department of Health under AOD Youth Grants 2023/24. It provides peer-to-peer support to a cohort of 60 young people (16-25yrs) throughout their driving licence journey, through means of educational workshops, fee subsidisations and one-on-one or mentorship support. The project aims to provide young people in the community with support to empower them to obtain their driving licence, which will open opportunities for them in the future, providing a purpose in life by becoming job ready.

• Expression of Interest (EOI) deadline: 31st Mar 2024
• Application form deadline: 10th Apr 2024
• 1st Workshop: 21st Apr 2024
• 2nd and 3rd workshops: Following weekends

Expression of Interest (EOI) form: Click here