Darwin City Guide

The capital of the Australian Northern Territory, Darwin was established in 1869. The city enjoys a tropical climate, its area is 3,163 square kilometres and its population is over 145,000. This article explores some of the reasons why an increasing number of international students prefer to study in Darwin.

Darwin is located near the northernmost location in Australia. Therefore, international students from Asian countries find it relatively easier, quicker, and cheaper to visit their home countries. Darwin enjoys warm tropical weather all year round – it only has two seasons: Wet (November to March) and Dry. (April to October)

International students also get to enjoy Northern Territory’s mesmerising natural beauty while studying in Darwin. Some of the most popular tourist places with international students are Nitmiluk National Park, Litchfield National Park, Kakadu National Park, and above all, Uluru. These places offer a very rewarding travelling experience to students studying in Darwin.

More than 145,000 residents from about 60 different countries call Darwin their home and these numbers are steadily rising considering Darwin’s economic and cultural growth. At the annual Darwin Waterfront Harmony Soiree event, the residents of the city celebrate their diversity and cultural richness.

International students in Darwin enjoy a relatively lower cost of living as compared to many other globally popular study-abroad destinations. According to a recent study, an average international student in Darwin spends about $600 monthly on rent, $500 on food, $70 on transport, $100 on utilities, and $100 on miscellaneous expenditures. However, the cost of living can vary based on students’ personal choices, type of accommodation, lifestyle and many other factors.

Darwin’s public transport system is like a blessing for international students for its relatively cheap cost. Buses are Darwin’s main mode of public transport. “Tap and Ride” cards are available to be purchased at main bus terminals. Students can get unlimited bus rides for $7 per week. For a large number of international students in Darwin, cycling is also a preferred way of travelling around the city. Darwin’s excellent cycle paths and warm climate make bicycle riders’ life very easy.

Darwin has a wide variety of food available in its restaurants from Chinese to Indian and Japanese to Filipino. Apart from so many dine-in restaurants, fast food outlets are also immensely popular within the international student community. The easy availability of their country’s food in various suburbs of Darwin helps international students to somewhat relieve their homesickness. With Darwin’s rich social life, welcoming locals, and enviable educational standards, international students have a lot to look forward to when they decided to study in Darwin!