Adventure Activities in Northern Territory

International students have much to look forward to in terms of exploration and adventure when they decided to move to the Northern Territory. Do you like to live on the edge? Known for its breath-taking scenic landscapes, hills, and beaches, Northern territory has a wide range of options for those who look for adventure and […]

Destination: Darwin

The Northern Territory’s capital Darwin has come a long way since its original founding in 1869. Actually, the town was not always called Darwin, but Palmerston – though the port was always known as Port Darwin. Palmerston began expanding in 1871 when gold was found at Pine Creek – a small town in the Katherine […]

Darwin’s Architectural Heritage

The city’s history comes alive in these beautiful and captivating historical as well as modern buildings. Darwin is a place known to have a considerably diverse immigrant population; this diversity has played a key role in the development of the city’s economic, cultural, and social identity in the modern sense. Being one of Australia’s highly […]